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In the history of best replica watches, the mysterious clock has occupied a pivotal chapter. The reason why the mysterious clock is “mysterious” is that its hands made of platinum and diamonds seem to be suspended above the transparent clock body, without any connection to the movement.

As the top fashion magazine of 1925 (Flo! Gazette du Bon Ton) claims, it is “h” in the history of clocks
“Miracle” is the result of the sincere cooperation between Louis Cartier and the outstanding watchmaker Maurice Court (1885-1963). At the time, Maurice Couer was only 25 years old, Outstanding skills and highly appreciated by Cartier, and exclusive supplier to fake watches. The first mysterious clock was born and was named Model A.

Maurice Court was inspired by the clock invented by Jean-Aug ^ ne Robert-Houdin (1805-1871), a great French magician who also pioneered modern magic. The principal borrowed and developed by Cue is based on a wonderful concept: the hands are not directly connected to the movement but are fixed on two serrated wafers with metal frames. The water crystal disc is driven by the movement (mostly located at the bottom of the clock) and rotates at the speed of the hour and minute hands, respectively. To make the illusion more realistic, the disc’s metal frame is hidden under the time scale circle. Model A Mysterious Clock has derived a variety of styles, with different material bases (onyx, agate, nephrite, K gold, etc.), carefully decorated dials, and frames (of which white enamel and mother-of-pearl are the most common), and Various shaped pointers.

Mystery Clock MODELA

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Platinum, K gold, white agate, crystal,
Sapphire. Rose-cut diamond, enamel
8th power reserve rectangular movement, gold-plated, lever escapement, bimetal balance, Breguet balance spring.
Manual winding and time adjustment are located under the base.
Sold to Count Gravel.

The mysterious clock with a “central single-axis” is introduced. Unlike Model A, its two disks are driven by a central pivot, rather than the dual shafts on both sides of the base. This innovation gives replica watches for sale greater freedom in aesthetic design. The craftsmanship of the mysterious clock is In the famous “Portique” series of mysterious clocks, and the movement is placed on top of the clock.