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Where does the high replica watches come from?

There is darkness in places where there is light. Relying on the complete watch industry chain in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, not only the brand watches are produced and sold, but also many replica watches are breeding here.

In fact, the imitation table is also divided into many levels, according to the level of fineness can be divided into low imitation, imitation, high imitation and super high imitation. This article is about high imitation table. I think that the high imitation table is not the same as the production of the hidden underground family workshop. In reality, the high imitation table must be produced by extremely formal watch manufacturers, not family workshops. Family workshops carry out the most simple assembly at present. Nowadays, the huge supply of high imitation watches on the market cannot be supported by family workshops. The fineness of high imitation watches cannot be achieved by family workshops.

Now, there are a lot of legends about a replica watch manufacturer on the Internet, saying that this is an underground factory, secretly closing the door to do high imitation. These rumors are nothing more than the network high imitation table sales to increase the mystery for the sales story. The production of high imitation watches is absolutely impossible to rely on an underground factory to process independently, but rely on several factories to work together. In the middle, the most important thing is the initiator. The initiators must first predict the market and then determine the style of the watch that needs to be counterfeited. They will go directly to the counter to buy the genuine watch and disassemble it completely. Send different parts to different manufacturers, such as movement manufacturers, shell manufacturers, watch chain manufacturers, literal manufacturers, and outer packaging manufacturers, let them open the mold one to one, and finally the promoters will concentrate all these parts and then submit them to the assembly. The manufacturer performs the assembly.

A manufacturer directly involved in the production of a component of a high imitation watch is not an underground factory, but is definitely a regular manufacturer registered by the Trade and Industry Bureau, and there are also subsidiaries of the listed company. These factories are definitely not relying on the production of high imitation parts, but also ordering other brand watches. Their manufacturing level and processing environment are even better than some domestic state-owned brands. Ps, the parts of a national brand that I know of because I can’t produce it myself, are all OEMs from the Guangzhou side.

The imitations in the cover image and the following figures have such a high level of processing, all of which are the “outcomes” of these regular manufacturers. According to Article 213 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks is a violation of the law. Why are these regular manufacturers willing to take the risk of breaking the law for this money? That’s because the parts produced by these regular manufacturers are all without “brand logo.” What the regular manufacturers have to do is to mold the parts sent by the high imitation production initiators to produce the same parts. This kind of production behavior is not illegal. They are just a common part of the entire high-profile production. The only violation of the law is the initiator of the entire high-profile industrial chain.